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Free Courses With Certificate in Pakistan 2021

In this article, I will tell you about DigiSkills Pakistan in detail.

DigiSkills Pakistan is a Training Program powered by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Pakistan. DigiSkills provides 10 different online courses. You can enroll in these courses after completion of courses DigiSkills issue Certificate for you. The best thing is DigiSkill content is especially design for Pakistanis peoples.

Anyone can join the DigiSkills Courses to learn new skills and enhance existing skills. Digiskills provide the most popular skills in-demand in the freelance market. Learning of DigiSkills courses will enable you to become a part of a very fastly growing freelance marketplace and you will be able to earn without having a job. With these skills, you become your own boss.

You can join Digiskills courses without paying any fees and get you a certificate.

Minimum Educational  Requirement for DigiSkills Courses: There is no educational requirement for getting enrolled in any course of DigiSkills.

Technical Requirement For Getting Access to DigiSkill Program:

  • Good stable Internet Connection
  • A Laptop, Desktop or Android Phone
  • Android app link: Download

Where you can get this training:

  • DigiSkills is an online training program after you sign up for this program and enroll in any courses, you can get access to DigiSkills Online Learning Management System. On LMS all modules videos and content you are enrolled in will be available. You can access it from anywhere, like from your home or office, all you need is a computer with Internet connectivity. You can self-pace the training or you can follow the announced timetable which will be available on Portal.

How you can do a study on Digiskills:

All course content and learning material available on the Learning Management System you can follow the announced time table of the portal.

After completion of the course, you will be able to earn money from the freelance market.

Watch videos through LMS:
To watch the videos of the current week:
Login to your DigiSkills LMS 
You will find your enrolled courses directly from the house Screen on your LMS under the “My Courses (your batch)” section. Click on the respective course, and you’ll be redirected to the “Topic content” tab. Here you’ll watch the Videos of the present week.
To go to the subsequent topic video, click on the “Next Topic” link available on the highest right side.
To watch the videos of current and former weeks:
After logging in to your LMS account, click on the “Course Website” icon under the “My Courses (Batch-08)” section.
Here you’ll see the topics of the present and former weeks under the ‘Course topics’ tab.
Click on ‘Week’ of which you would like to observe Videos.
Click on any topic; it’ll redirect you to the “Topic Content” tab. Here you can watch the video.
To go to the subsequent topic video, click on the “Next Topic” link available on the highest right side.

Available Courses of DigiSkills:

There are 10 Courses Offer by DigiSkills are listed below:

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